Welcome to The Conscious Academy.

Our first course, Zen in Ten is now live!

Zen in Ten is the ten-day mindfulness challenge that will reveal to you that you can meditate after all!

Your Guide, Neil Seligman

Neil Seligman is a leading International Mindfulness Expert, the Author of two books and a sought after Wellbeing Speaker. He is the Founder of The Conscious Professional (one of the first corporate mindfulness consultancies in the UK) and a devoted meditator, with over 20 years of personal practice behind him.

Inspired by the impact of Joe Wicks who made online fitness fun and accessible, Neil created this mindfulness course to break down the mystique of meditation and allow those who thought they would never be able to meditate, to find their way into stillness.

Neil believes that meditation is the birthright of all, and loves nothing more than helping his students embed this foundational wellbeing skill in their life.

"I truly believe Neil has a gift for reawakening consciousness"

- Elizabeth Renieris

Founder, Technology Ethics Lab