Pre-Course Health Checklist: Please Read Before Continuing

Pre-Course Health Checklist

It is a requirement of this course to read this Health Checklist prior to deciding whether to proceed with the course content.

Mindfulness is generally a very safe and healthy practice yet there are certain times in life when it may not be right to commence an intensive mindfulness learning experience such as Zen in Ten. There are also some mental health conditions which when active might mean that starting the course is not advisable, so please do read the following guidance carefully so that you can make an informed decision before proceeding.

1.    If you are suffering from a current mental health condition and if you are under the care of a medical health professional for this, please do check with them first to find out if mindfulness is suitable for you right now. It may be that you would benefit from waiting until your mental health has stabilised or improved in order to get the most out of this course.

2.    You are actively advised against taking this course and will be offered a full refund if you:

a)    have severe problems or vulnerabilities

b)   are diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia

c)    have a dissociative disorder

d)   are diagnosed with P.T.S.D.

e)   are in the grip of alcohol or drug addiction or recently recovered from this

f)     are going through a severe depressive episode

g)    have recently been diagnosed with an acute or life-threatening illness

h)   are experiencing suicidality

i)     have a significant history of trauma or past abuse

3.    If you have been recently bereaved you may find mindfulness practice distressing and may benefit from giving the grieving process time before commencing a course such as this.

4.    If you have trauma in your past you may need special support during a mindfulness training as the focus on allowing your experience and turning towards your difficulties might be overwhelming. Zen in Ten does not provide individual support or teacher feedback so consider carefully whether this is the right course for you or if you need special support from a professional as you go through it. You may get more benefit from a 1:1 mindfulness course with a MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) qualified teacher who offers a trauma-sensitive approach. Request a refund if you have decided not to proceed.

5.    Although Zen in Ten is a mindfulness accelerator, it is very important to know where the brakes are when it comes to practicing meditation. This means knowing that you can stop or pause a practice and open your eyes at any time if it feels uncomfortable, intense or upsetting. In this way you take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing as you work through the programme.

6.    For all of us, some mindfulness practices can evoke an intense emotion, memory, or experience so please take care of yourself throughout the course and practice at your own pace. You are always the leader of your own practice so even though you will be listening to guided practices – you can always turn your attention from the instruction in the practice to something that feels safe and comfortable such as the sensations of breathing, the feeling of the feet on the floor, or holding your own hand. If discomfort continues try opening your eyes, pausing the recording, or simply stopping the practice. You can always return to it later if you wish.

7.    Sometimes difficult thoughts, emotions or sensations that arise within mindfulness practice will subside naturally quite quickly so do not be worried if this does occur. Often all that is needed is to keep breathing mindfully and this will pass.

8.    Finally – you are responsible for your health and safety throughout the Zen in Ten course so please take good care of yourself and seek professional assistance if you have concerns!

By proceeding beyond this point of the course you are taken to have acknowledged that you have read and understood this document.

If for whatever reason you have decided that this course is not for you – please make contact to request a refund.

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